Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Entertaining Without the Hassle

(StatePoint) Rather than worry about the hassle of hosting, prepare for visitors and entertaining with these tips and tricks.

Get a Fresh Start

Trying to prepare everything at the last minute when guests are knocking at your door creates unwanted stress. Instead, clean and prep the house a few days in advance. Quickly turn chores to checks on your to-do list. For example, use a dab of glue to fix the pesky towel rod in the powder room that keeps coming loose, or to repair broken handles on drawers and cabinets.

While you’re making home improvements here and there, get organized for guests by relocating your own coats from the hall closets, leaving room for your visitors’ winter gear. If your guests are bringing appetizers or cocktails, clean out the fridge in advance to have ample storage space.

Don’t Buy It, DIY It

Tired of hanging the same winter wreath on your door year after year? Create a new, modern focal point that can be used for multiple occasions. Spray paint a wooden wreath form and mini clothespins silver and gold. Once dry, adhere the clothespins to the wreath form in varying layers. Use an adhesive that dries instantly and won’t leave you with messy glue gun strands, such as Krazy Glue’s Maximum Bond No-Run Gel, which will give you time to decorate the rest of your home, rather than cleaning up your crafting space.

By flipping a few of the clothespins around on the outside, you can attach pictures of friends and family to create an eye-catching display.

Make a Game Plan

Seemingly daunting tasks can be fun if you’re strategic and give yourself time to do them right. When it comes to shopping for your main course, be sure to avoid weekend crowds. The day of your event, set the table in the morning so that unforeseen events or last minute stops won’t throw you off course.

Deck the Dinner Table

Rather than spending time and money shopping for expensive d├ęcor for each upcoming party, create your own one-of-a-kind centerpieces and place settings. Add flair to your tablescape by affixing decorative gems or outdoor sprigs onto napkin rings and handwritten name cards. A glue pen designed for delicate tasks, such as Krazy Glue’s Precision Control Pen, is easy to hold and dries instantly. Guests will appreciate the personal touches, which will be sure to spark some dinner conversation.

Wrap it Up

Stock up on a few items with universal appeal to give as party favors. Jars of locally made preserves, decorative candles, wrapped soaps or bottles of wine are good to have on hand to make everyone feel welcome.

Stay festive, not frazzled. Keep guests -- and yourself -- happy with simple tips and tricks, and have time to relax and enjoy your get-together.